AV Control System Programming

Control system programming is difficult. The larger an audio-video integration is, the more likely it is to be sabotaged by poor execution. Many projects never reach their full potential due to programming and configuration problems that are easily remedied by a qualified control system programmer.

You do not have to settle for control system programmers that are not software developers. We are committed to extracting maximum usability and value from your hardware investment. We have a proven history of success working on some incredibly demanding projects and would love to bring our expertise and positive track record to your next project.

Crestron Programming Experts

We have been a Crestron Enterprise Partner for over twelve years and, during that time, we have successfully completed a variety of projects ranging from simple conference rooms to entire campuses in locations across the US. We have extensive experience with all of Crestron’s products.

Software developers by trade, the code we produce is logical, efficient, and maintainable, ensuring your system runs as designed and is easily expanded in the future. You do not have to settle for control system programmers that are not software developers.

We are experts with Microsoft’s .NET development stack, including the C# programming language, the .NET framework, and Visual Studio. In addition to authoring third-party device modules using SIMPL#, we have successfully built complex Crestron solutions entirely in C#, utilizing Crestron’s SIMPL#Pro plugin for Visual Studio. We are one of the few Crestron control system programmers capable of offering this service.

If you are interested in providing your clients with the highest quality, end-to-end, control system product, from the user interface design, to the control system programming, please contact us today.

Crestron NVX Crestron SimplSharp

AMX Programming Experts

We are AMX certified programming experts with extensive experience across AMX's entire product line, including their enterprise network video offerings. Our engineers have worked on some of the largest, most complex AMX deployments in the country. We have designed and programmed control systems for emergency operations centers, network operations centers, command and control facilities, and meeting spaces for a wide range of civilian and military customers.

Software developers by trade, the code we produce is logical, efficient, and maintainable, ensuring your system runs as designed and is easily expanded in the future. You do not have to settle for control system programmers that are not software developers.

Additionally, we are one of the few independent AMX programming vendors capable of producing custom Java modules for AMX controllers, expanding your integration options in limitless ways and maximizing the value of your organization’s hardware investment.

We currently hold the following certifications from Harman:

  • Harman Certified Control Professional - Programming
  • Harman Certified Control Professional - Commissioning
  • Harman Certified Control Associate - Design
  • Harman Certified Control Associate - Management
  • Harman Certified Networked AV Professional - Design

AMX SVSI N2400 Java Programming Language

Featured Projects

Esports Arena Las Vegas

The Esports Arena is a 30,000 square foot competitive video gaming facility located in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Harman provided the bulk of the audio, video, and lighting equipment and Fisher Integrated was selected as the control system subcontractor to program the AMX and BSS systems. The facility sports a very large broadcast footprint and all the action from the arena floor is streamed live on various platforms.

Allied Esports Arena Las Vegas

Harman Wins Exclusive Role at Las Vegas Esports Arena

Innocean Cafe

Innocean Worldwide (Huntington Beach, CA)

A Crestron project for a global ad agency featuring several conference rooms, huddle rooms, a café, and a large meeting space. Crestron's Unified Commination products were using throughout this project, as were Crestron’s room scheduling panels. Audio in larger spaces was provided by Crestron’s AMP-8150 amps and Crestron pendant speakers.

American Red Cross EOC (Fairfax, VA & Washington, D.C.)

With over 300 pieces of AMX’s network video equipment, nine video walls, and ten conference rooms spread out over two facilities, this project was demanding to say the least. We worked closely with AMX’s engineering staff to produce two emergency operations facilities which help power the American Red Cross’ global relief efforts. This was one of the largest and possibly the most complex network video project based around AMX's SVSI offerings completed to date.

Oceanside City Council Chambers (Oceanside, CA)

This project included the complete removal of all existing AV and television production equipment. The integrator installed an AMX DGX-1600 router, an AMX NX-1200 control processor, and 17 AMX touch panels. A new Biamp audio system was also installed. We moved all voting, request-to-speak, and microphone control to the individual touch panels installed at each location in the dais. We also built a custom voting system for the client and added a PC running a custom, web-based, signage application to display voting results. We configured the Biamp system to provide multi-zone audio to the chamber and audio feeds to the television production equipment. Speakers' timers were moved to AMX touch panels while preserving existing LED indicators.

Electric Utility Distribution Operations (Southern CA)

This project utilized AMX’s N2400-series encoders and decoders to distribute HD and UHD video throughout the client's Electric Distribution Operations center. The use of network video equipment met the client’s requirements of both supporting UHD signals and consolidating as much AV equipment as possible in secure datacenter.


Veritone (Costa Mesa, CA)

A Crestron and Hiperwall video display system were installed to provide signage and business data visualization support throughout Veritone’s facility in Costa Mesa. A Crestron SIMPL# module to communicate with Hiperwall’s REST API was created, allowing the customer to securely operate the Hiperwall Controller via their Crestron touch panels.

United Launch Alliance (Vandenberg AFB, CA)

We programmed the AMX control equipment at the United Launch Alliance control facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base. ULA launches rockets from this location and their engineers use their AMX system via several touch panels to route various video sources to over fifty monitors located throughout a series of rooms.

City of Palm Springs Police Department (Southern CA)

An upgrade of a multi-use police emergency operations center and training facility utilizing Crestron hardware and programmed using C# with Crestron's SIMPL#Pro plugin for Microsoft's Visual Studio. The facility features a three-way divisible room with Sony PTZ cameras in each section. Moveable lecterns with multiple connection points add to the system’s flexibility. Four touch panels were employed. Audio processing and echo cancelation is provided via Biamp Server-IO systems and QSC amplifiers were used for amplification.

National Training Center (Ft. Irwin, CA)

We have programmed and configured several televison studios and combat theaters at the Army's National Training Center in California. Three studios are portable and are towed out into the desert during training with the other two fixed in a building. We provided the Army with a uniform control interface and workflow for both studio configurations. We also assisted with the design, configuration, documentation, and government acceptance testing portions of the project.

Electric Utility Grid Control Center (Southern CA)

Uptime and reliability are important in any control center, especially one tasked with keeping a region’s lights on. With an all-fiber AMX DGX-6400 video router distributing video to and from four rooms and two video wall processors, this system has been a stellar performer, easily exceeding the customer’s reliability expectations. Besides the AMX programming and configuration parts of this project, we also configured several Biamp DSPs and two Matrox Mura video wall processors. We are NERC CIP certified and are dedicated to protecting utilities’ confidential information and network systems from cyber threats.

SDCWA Voting Interface

San Diego County Water Authority (Southern CA)

We designed an audio-video system for the SDCWA boardroom. Notable features include a custom voting system for up to 52 voting members, a custom speaker's queue system, a 32-channel voice-lift design, and an AMX DGX-1600 using fiber cabling. We programmed the AMX NX-3200 system, configured two Biamp Server IOs, and set up eight Crown audio amplifiers with Dante interfaces.

Audio DSP Configuration

In addition to control system programming, we are frequently hired to configure audio DSPs. We are experts with the following manufacturer's products:

  • BSS
  • ClearOne
  • Polycom
  • Biamp
  • Yamaha

We are well versed in echo cancelation and room tuning techniques and have a proven track record of extracting the best possible sound from boardroom audio and video conferencing systems in less than ideal environments.

Network Switch Configuration & AV Optimization

Configuring managed enterprise switches to support network video and audio devices can be complex and is typically not a something traditional IT professionals are tasked with. We can help configure a new or existing network to support IP video streams from AMX, Crestron, Christie, and other network video device manufacturers. Additionally, we have designed and implemented large Dante and CobraNet networks, often running alongside video networks. If you feel your organization’s network AV performance is lacking, please contact us for a free consultation.

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